Wonderful Bedrooms with Glass Sliding Doors

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Abbots Way

First on this list is this wonderfully white, large bedroom from AR Design Studio Ltd. This is one very minimalist bedroom – we barely see just the bed in here – but with a lovely view like this one – I think you’d not need anything else while you’re in here.

Bachelor Pad in Elliott

Check out this bedroom that has a sliding door that connects it directly to the living space. This is one example of how much space you can actually save from using a normal swing door – this sliding door may cost you more than a panel door, but I think you and I could agree that a glass sliding door looks rather prettier.

Binary House

This blue colored glass sliding doors extremely pretty! Especially that this bedroom is basically everything white – I think it’s smart to get one of these doors that come in your favorite color. Of course you have to ask if they produce them in your fave color of if they can.

Brooktree Road

I love how this place is practically made of wood but it has a glass sliding door! The thought of it opening to the balcony just makes it more charming. Check out the fur decor on the bed – I guess you would always want one if you have this photo in your mood boards.

Bunny Run

I thing that this is the second time that I saw this bedroom photo and I am totally in awe that the designer really created a floor to ceiling sliding door – I mean, people usually opt for the standard-sized door but still have a glass wall – but this time, they surely went out of the box.

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