Lavish Art Deco Belle Epoque Home in Kiev


The metallic colors of the throw pillows and the touch of purple on the sofa adds a more luxurious feel to the space.

One highlight of the living room is this beautiful chandelier and of course the decorative ceiling. The ceiling has so much details that extends even to the dining area.

The dining area has purple velvet chairs too. Suspended above it is this glass chandelier. You can also see here the details of the columns on the wall that is actually part of the fireplace.

Instead of glass, the sliding doors have screens with a pretty design to match to the Art Deco theme of the home.

I’m honestly not sure where this space is but it looks very comfy and sophisticated with a day bed in purple, mirrored side table and that geometric details on the ceiling.

The garden looks beautiful too that makes dining more enjoyable with the view from this area.

This working area and home library is located at the attic based on the sloping ceiling on both sides. It has metallic colors in it too.

Wood paneling has a design that shoo away the look of a boring wall. It extends to the bookshelves too. While skylights allow the entry of natural light to the area.

A bedroom with a mirrored wall and pretty warm tones of brown and bronze.