Kitchen Ignite Ideas

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Standard kitchen lighting can be accomplished with a fancy chandelier. This type of lighting can be used along with other lighting in the same space. Moreover, semi-transparent glass chandeliers are ideal for the kitchen as they are much easier to clean than shades made from fabric.

Lighting Over The Sink

Recessed down-lights work fine if you are looking for even illumination over your sink or range. You can find a number of fancy and stand-out light designs, like metallic, that will add a touch of pizzazz to your kitchen décor, if that’s what you are looking for. A track or rail system is a doable alternative if you are refurbishing your kitchen and access to the area above the kitchen is difficult.

Under Cabinet Lighting

This type of lighting will illuminate your counter-top in a jiffy. You can find numerous styles for under cabinet lighting such as miniature track lights and energy efficient-fluorescent lights. Remember to install under cabinet lighting toward the front, not against the wall, so that the lighting can illuminate evenly. You can also install a dimmer with your under cabinet lighting. This will add depth and dramatize the overall effect while saving energy in the process.

Island Counters

This section of the kitchen will require task and general lighting. To add style to this area try putting a group of miniature pendants together. For the ideal look, install one pendant for every two-feet of counter space and try using an uneven number of pendants to establish a better balance.

Three colourful custom-made colander lights add a splash of colour to this open-plan kitchen by Avocado Sweets Interior Design Studio, in a converted Victorian school house. The kitchen island is custom-made out of a vintage oak chest.
Photography by Fisher Hart

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