Kids Bathroom Fitment for Girls


Kids Charming Colorful Bathroom Accessories

Look at all the balloons in this bathroom set! It looks fun and really colorful – reminds me of candies!

Pink Pirate Bathroom Accessory Set

This is one unique approach to kids bathroom accessories – personalizing them with your kids’ name and favorite cartoon character.

Pretty Beautiful Butterflies

Flowers and butterflies maybe the first beautiful things your little girl would love in her lifetime – just like this beautiful bathroom set.

Under The Sea Bathroom Accessories

This 3-pc bathroom set is cartoony but really fun and charming. I won’t mind using this right now.

Cartoon Starfish Ocean Bathroom Accessory Set for Kids

This is one cool bathroom set that you’d see all the cute sea creatures you like – a star fish, an octopus and a fishes – on their cute version of course. Haha!

Neon Minnie Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Interested in Mickey Mouse but your Mum gave you this? Pretty Minnie would definitely make your day!

Ducky Themed Bathroom Accessories

Eversince I was a kid, I always see duckies in bath tubs in movies or in cartoons, though we never had a bath tub, having duckies is sure close to having one; or is it?