Fossil: Reuse Waste Paint is a New Furniture Material


Various paint mixed together and let dry creates an interesting look.

Because of the process, no two areas of the Fossil are the same.

But it does look really beautiful and artistic.

It can even be used to create furniture like this. Just beautiful.

Aside from the interesting look of the Fossil, the furniture design itself is unique.

You can also attach handles and other hardware on the Fossil just like how you can work on wood.

I love the look of the faces of these furniture. It is like something we do in Art class.

But it isn’t actually the same as what we have in Art class because this takes an entire process.

It would take four months to dry the entire Fossil before it could be used. Now that sure is a long time!

He also made jewelry and other items using the Fossil.

Expect the work area to be this messy when you are dealing with paint.