Astonishing Kitchens with Tiffany Lamps

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This San Diego beach house sire is neat and really pretty. I can’t imagine letting anyone sandy or wet come inside this clean house because of how hard it would be to clean up! Haha.

The kitchen in this home sure is tidy and pretty. Adding the Tiffany lamps to it meant adding a bit more color and love to this space. Notice that the kitchen has neutral colors and the Tiffany lamps added a bit of color to this area.

In this kitchen, like most kitchen spaces that we see online – the bar or kitchen island is decorated with at least three pendant lamps. This wide kitchen and dining space is earthy and really nice.

This Spanish home in California has the most ideal space for the Tiffany lamps. With the colors and designs on the tiles, the Tiffany lamps just somehow blend with them. Totally flawless.

I like the kitchen bar stools in this picture. They seem contemporary but still traditional in a sense. If you notice the cute-sized Tiffany pendants, they have this details that make them the center of attraction by this area.

Don’t you just like the colors in those Tiffany lamps? Their color is like a ball of fire that makes this kitchen bright and warm. It’s combination with the blues in the cabinets and the browns in the countertop create a more fiery ambiance.

This French kitchen looks like the perfect match for the Tiffany lamps! See that other lamp by the lavatory? Pretty awesome right?

Although there is only a bit of contrast in this kitchen, I still think that the lamps’ design adds a bit of color to this Bridgeport home. This cabinet-filled kitchen sure has everything hidden to make sure that the space is clutter-free and organized.

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