Asian Home Designs With a Tap of Nature



West Leederville Home 2013

A modern and Asian combination with a signature of a bamboo and an unbelievable color mix )

The facade looks stunning with tree lined walkway and lighting.

A home in the mountain will certainly let anybody who moves it shoot a second glance as of this giant Asian and contemporary beauty!

Interesting roof line which reveals a few Asian allure in it. I like the way the home is made with regard to its topography.

An energy-efficient and sustainable home Produced as a string of three connected pods which strikes a silent and respectful pose with this naturally wooded website.

You will find plenty of Asian hints in this home from the roof and each of the other geometry in it.

Bedfordale House

This is a pavilion style living with equilibrium and stability in character ) And you can’t overlook its being Asian.

Sonoma Pole Houses

In case you’ve been to Asia or have noticed magazines revealing Asian houses, you’ll never miss the ones that stand on sticks.

Hill Avenue Residence

This beautiful Asian home utilized cosmetic bricks and a fitting roof which pulled off the appearance.