A Summer Home Boasts a Parent’s Bedroom with Play Area

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While the parents are resting, the kids are playing. I guess the kids would start playing right away when they wake up. And the parents, who are still tired from the day’s work will just doze off despite the noise. Maybe, their kid’s laughter is music to their ears. Notice also that the wall around the bedroom is various functions. 

Looks like even the parents are having a great time playing too. The mattress doubles as a bed and a play area just like what we can see here. On side of the bedroom is a window that provides a lovely view of the outdoor area and that would allow natural light to get into the space.

The bedroom space features an oversized mattress which isn’t just for sleeping and playing but is also perfect for lounging and watching TV. The TV here is inserted inside a void on the wall wherein the wiring is hidden behind it. Beside the TV is open shelving where plants are added.

This is how the space looks like when you look you. You can also see here the layout of the children’s space with all those protective safety nets from the stairs to the upper area.

Another look at the safety nets to make sure that the children don’t fall. Also, on one side of the wall, there are two tall mirrors which of course is used by the family to check themselves and also added more light to bedroom.

The landing on the upper area has been fitted out with a small mat and some pillows. So, yes, they can also rest here if they get tired climbing and playing. And there is a pair of skylight windows here to lighten up the space and to bring natural light here.

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