A Reduce Pool House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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The two areas are connected with a metal beam. Like what I said, the kitchen area is elevated and it has a glass walling that creates a seamless connection from the kitchen to the outdoor space. One thing I noticed here is the cantilevered part of the kitchen where lounge chairs are placed. For sure, it would be very nice to rest here and watch the views from the space.

The pool house as well as the outdoor area wrap around the edges of the pool. Notice that the pool tiles here come in two different colors which makes it more beautiful.

The pool house also has a full outdoor kitchen with built-in oven and wine rack. It uses wood, gray and white finish together. The kitchen has wooden cabinets and island. Wood is also used in the walls with floating shelves. For sure, it would be nice to prepare food here after swimming.

When one steps down from the pool house, the main outdoor dining and lounge area is reached. It is nice to have upper levels to add more depth in the area and it is nice to look over the pool area while someone is in there.

Aside from the views, there’s also a built-in television in the lounge area where you can watch movies. This means that you can totally end up relaxed and entertained while in the area.

There is also a bathroom hidden in the pool house and as expected, it also has a beautiful design with wooden features in it found on the sink. It also has a large mirror on the wall that spreads light into the small bathroom.

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